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Friday, March 31, 2006

Free Blogs Site Submission

Get your website listed in the Urban Dynamics Directory. Urban Dynamics is a new, black business website brought to you by Multiple Shades of You online Add your site and SITE THUMBNAIL to UD and it will be accessible on every site that utilizes Urban Dynamic webtools.

Here are a few featured sites where the UD Directory is accessible:
-Search Black on msoy
-Search Urban
-Black Online Entrepreneurs Blog
-The Black Business Spot
-Black People News

To submit your site to Urban Dynamics visit: check out my list of ways to advertise on black sites.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Black RSS Feeds Revisited

With the ever present buzz of rss feeds / article syndication, I'm always trying to create web applications that help promote Black News feeds. I've found several really interesting Black News Sites and Black Entertainment Blogs that aren't incredibly well known, but would serve as great additional content on other pages relevant to African Amerian online viewers. So in yet another attempt to expose more people to some really interested black news sites, and also help promote these sites, I have created Black People News, my new and improved African American RSS Feeds Aggregator. Its a great place to read black interest news, and its also I great place to subscribe to feeds as well as add feed content to your site without prior knowlege of php or javascript. Its a win win site for everybody.

My Work in Progress

Black People News: African American Interest News Feed / Syndicated Articles

Help, I've been Hacked!

I've always been fond of the movie Hackers, until recently when an entertaining film became a disturbing reality. Last week / early this week my mysql database was hacked. I logged on to my site as usual only to find my images switched to random urls outside my site, and text fields rearranged for somone one's disruptive amusement. To say the least I was pissed, but not broken! I've spent a good portion of my week looking up php-mysql security and php protected pages. I'm locking down my database for secure access only, which is a tedious task but as this recent event has shown, a much needed one. So the moral of my story is, if you are a php programmer with a few scripts on your site take the time to make sure there are no holes / security issues with your web applications. I used to think 'no body is gonna hack my site', but how the simple have fallen. Be safe and think ahead.

Hack-Proof Newbie

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Submit Your Article Here...

Urban Dynamics has recently launched 'A Little Black Know How', a free article submission site for African American writers. This site is currently looking for Black News, Reviews, Commentary, Short Stories, Events, Poems, Self Help articles and Spiritual Testimonies. If you have something you would like to share visit A Little Black Know How and sign up for a free Urban Dynamics account. This site does not include Black Press Releases. If you have a Black Press Release, please submit it to Black PR Posts, which is acessible through Urban Dynamics Web Tools.

Official Site url: -


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Create your own Amazon Store

If you have Amazon product links on your site, or are interested in using Amazon Associates links to generate revenue online then you might be interested in my latest web application: an Amazon Store Builder Application featured on Urban Dynamics (

I think the Amazon Associates program is one of the most popular Affiliate Programs Online, which is why I signed up a few years ago. The only problem I had with it was that when you used Amazon's Link Generator every link had big Amazon logos all over it, which didn't allow for subtle integration into my site. I wanted to embed Amazon links without looking like every other website with a bunch of banners that no one clicks on. Plus I wanted to create my own e-store with Amazon products, but I knew it would take forever to individually create product links on the Amazon Associates Site. Given the limitations of their program, I figured there had to be something out there that would give me the look and feel I was going for.

The solution I found was Amazon Web Services, for anyone with strong programming skills Amazon allows you to connecte to their database and design your own links / stores from scratch. You get quality content that looks like its perfectly embedded into your site. You get cash for all products purchased. And Amazon gets free publicity on your site in addition to being able to tap into a larger customer base. It's genious I tell you. Share Genious.

So anyway I came up with several web applications which allow you to extract product images and details in different formats using ISBN/ASIN numbers in conjunction with your Amazon Associates ID. Its quick and easy to use and only offered in the Urban Dynamics Premium Package, which is $10 a month and includes other types of Urban Web Tools. It's a pretty cheap package with a lot of quality web solutions, you would definitely be saving web design time and increasing your potential earning power if you gave UD Web Tools a try.

Urban Dynamics Web Tools are designed with the Black Business / Black Web Designer / Black Web Audience in mind, but they can be used for any type of web development. The Amazon Site Builder is a great tool for adding something like a books section to your site, amazon product links on a side bar, or creating an entire e-store. I used it to create Shop Amazon on MSOY and also to add amazon links to blog entries. You can do just about anything with it, and I'm developing new formats, so the possibilities are endless.

If you are interested in learning more about the Amazon Store Builder and other Urban Dynamics Web Tools visit Urban Dynamics: The site is a work in progress, but it's getting there.


What is Urban Dynamics?

Urban Dynamics, a new Black Business website aims to be one of these much needed positve spaces for people of color; its founder Lashanda Henry is in the business of helping Black businesses grow. "I created Urban Dynamics because I have a particular interest in Black Community Outreach Initives and Online Entreprenuership. Though the Dot Com days are a thing of the past, the web world still offers the type of creative freedom and mass marketing potential that can help Black Businesses grow. The key is having quality resources and genuine support, which is what Urban Dynamics is all about.

You won't find any crabs in this barrell; what you will find is an intricately designed network of tools, tips, and proffessionals who focus on the Black Business Market.

Urban Dynammics consists of an ever growing collection of free and afforble services for individual entreprenuers and small businesses.

The UD site includes:

-web tools and urban sticky content.
-black rss feeds
-amazon store builder application
-black business directory
-black business networking
-black business news
-web marketing and cheap advertising
-black press releases
-urban web development tips
-making money online
-and more ...

Check out Urban Dynamics:

What is SAIO?

While I was thinking about how to create new web features for Urban Dynamics, I asked myself what do people like to look for online. One of the first things that popped into my mind was 'Other People'. I thought wouldn't it be cool if you could take all the most popular search results, images, video, and audio on a particular celebrity, or just about any 'thing' and put it ALL In One place. So you know me, I got to coding and came up with SAIO, a search all in one webpage on where else "Multiple Shades of You Online". The code isn't particularly complicated, just a bunch of well placed iframes. But it's so useful that I thought I would share it.

-lh: SAIO

Thursday, March 09, 2006

New Black Banners

Today I bottled up all my creative juices and created some new Black Banners for Multiple Shades of You Online. *hint* *hint* Now go look at my banners, and put a few on your site. Support this hardworking woman and her e-Community for People of color. ... *sigh* ok I'll give you something in return. You can submit your Banner to my Black Link Exchange program, which is accessbile from Urban Dynamics, Black Business Web Tools. Arg, there I go pluggin another one of my sites. I'm shameless today. Absolutly Shameless.

Love Me,

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

HTML / Web Design Howto Help

I created Multiple Shades of You Online to be a helpful resource on multiple levels. One of msoy's key mini-projects is the Sistweb blog (, which aims to provide web support specifically for African American Web Designers and Do-It-Yourself Entrepeneurs. If you have any questions about web design or html feel free to email me:

email -
subject - Sistweb HTML Howto Support

The advice is free to read and free to try. I'm not responsible for how you use it, but I would like to give any helpful insight that I can. In return for my help, all I would like is to post my response to your questions on the sistaweb blog to serve as a guide for others.

Take Care,

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