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Thursday, November 29, 2007

$7.95 - Black PR Post Opportunity

Want more clicks? Get a Black Buzz PR Plug...

Quite a few of my readers have asked me to help them generate more online traffic to their websites and from time to time I try to feature various Black Businessess on my websites and blogs. This being the holiday season, everyone is online right now so it is a great time for online businesses to take advantage of innovative ways to be seen.

For the next 3 days I am offering a website plug opportunity for those who are interested in tapping into my growing network. For $7.95 I will post your site summary, article, press release, or product promotion on the following pages:

  1. Black Business Women Connect
  2. Black Online Entrepreneurs
  3. Sistas Making Money [Blog] + 1 Bulletin Post
  4. 1 Free Text Only Submission to the Search Urban Directory

This offer expires 12/1/07 so take advantage of it while there is time. This is a great opportunity for those looking to connect with Black Professionals who might be interested in their services AND adding your links to relevant pages is a great way to help improve your search engine optimization. The RSS Feeds for these sites search engine friendly and are featured on various yahoo groups and social groups like: Black Business Women Connect [the group] and Networking Black Women Who Work at Home [yahoo newsgoup].

Essentially I am offering you the opportunity to have your submission posted on multiple pages, to increase your online exposure.

How does the Black Buzz PR Plug Work?

  1. Send your submission/website info to:
    Subject = Black Buzz PR Submission
  2. Submit your site to the Seasrch Urban Directory

If your submission is approved it will be posted online and you will recieve a paypal invoice. All submissions will be screened, and not all will be accepted. I will only approve content that is relevant to African American online viewers and that does NOT include profanity, violence, or pornography. I also am NOT accepting submissions that include large images or consist of more than 1, small, tasteful relevant image.

Take advantage of this and take care!

Urban Dynamics Black Business Web Tools

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Moving Up In The Ranks: Google Page Ranks

Getting to the top of the search engine pool requires more than good content. Even the best sites have to do their fair share of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What does that mean to you?

This means that you should be regularly checking your site stats, visiting website analyzers like to see if your site is generating less than 2,000 unique hits a month, and most importantly regularly searching google using keywords related to your website. Now if your website does not come up on the first 3 google search result pages, if your site doesn't even come up if you search for your webpage name, then you have some serious Search Engine Optimizing to do.

Why is SEO so important? Well, if you can't see your site at the top of Google search engine queries, you need to find out if Google can see you. For starters check your Google page rank, which goes from 0 - 10. Having a page rank above 6 is a good indication that your site is quite popular online. After all, Google page rank was developed to let you know how many people are linking to your site, and frequenting it on a regular basis.

Of course there is more to it than that, but that's the nuts and bolts of the equation. If you would like to improve your page rank (ie your web visibility) you should take advantage of Google's marketing tools. The Google site map is a great tool for getting more of your pages indexed on Google. If you have a decent budget, sign up for Google's Adwords ad campaign. You can tailor your maximum spending per day, to get the advertising package that meets your needs and your budget.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, doing a link exchange with sites that have higher pageranks, helps to boost your own. Also remember that creating a lot of regularly updated, quality pages also helps. The more content the better, so keep that in mind.

Plus it doesn't hurt to hit the streets or in the case of the internet, popular social groups, and let other know about what you are doing. Word of Mouth marketing is an age old technique that never goes out of style. Plus, it helps to get more people interested in linking to your site and the more links you have, the better your search visibility will be. Search engines love to love the pages that get lots of links. You can up your link game by creating a myspace page and adding friends with similar content or a similar audience to yours. Remember to ad a text signature consisting of your site name, catchy keyword phrase, and url to the end of forum posts, email posts, and article submissions. And don't forget to add a tell a friend script to your website so that viewers who like your site can share it with others.

So take these tips into consideration and DO your SEO research. But don't just research, remember to actually put these techniques into action. It takes time, work and dedication, but you can make it happen.


Urban Dynamics Black Business Web Tools
Black Business Women Online

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

SEO and Search Urban: Black Directory

Search Urban: Black Directory
When it comes to SEO, one of the most common techniques for optimizing your site for search engines, is getting your site listed on other websites that:

  • Have Related Web Content
  • Generate Strong Web Traffic
  • Reach your target Audience
  • Have High Goolge Page Rank (a Page Rank of 4 or Higher
  • Provide Relevant Banner Exchanges or Ad Packages

The Search Urban Directory was created to do all these things and more, with the primary goal of promoting Black Websites while providing African American online viewers with access to the best, quality Black pages online and highlighting new, websites and information that is relevant to the Black Community at Large. From Black News and Commentary to Websites for Black Women and support for Black Business, Search Urban aims to spread the word about all that is Hot, Positive, Quality, Educational, Entertaining, and Innovative as far as Black Online Content.

The best part of the Search Urban Directory is that it is featured on several sites, so that site submitters get the most exposure possible. Review the directory or submit your black website today.

Search Urban Directory:

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