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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Google Page Ranks

I just read this great article entitled: Tips to Improving Your Google Search Engine Ranking. It had several clear, and concise suggestions. Of them all 4 stood out to me the most:

  1. The more sites the link to your site the better.
  2. Google takes your Title Tag, very seriously and so should you.
  3. Dynamic pages are indexed in google (if you are a php fanatic like myself, this works to your advantage)
  4. Keyword dense links are gold minds - eg. a link that says 'Black Search Engine' is better than a link entitled 'msoy online', google picks up on the keywords better because if someone then searches for black search engine, my site has a better chance of coming up


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Friday, December 02, 2005

Confessions of a Webmistress

At some point in my persuit for Web Stardom I signed up for Izania - a premier black networking site. I posted once or twice, but nothing major. It wasn't until today that I realized all the untapped potential I was missing out on, or rather not taking advantage of on this site. First off, my profile allows me to include information about my personal website, as well as list my business(es) in the Izania Black Business Directory for free. Not to mention the fact that Izania has a forum on which black proffesionals and entrepreurs chat it up and plug their sites. I think today is the first day of a loooooooooooong relationship with me and Izania. In my effort to find more marketing strategies for Multiple Shades of You Online:, I think I will soon purchase an Izania marketing package. There network includes over 2,5000 Black Business Proffessionals, a great pool to tap into!


10 Rules for Web Startups

Summary of a great post: 10 Rules for Web Startups

1. Be Narrow- keep you content niche specific - dont try to conquer the world
2. Be Different - duh!
3. Be Casual - lots of people are loggin on nowadays - create content that appeals to day to day activties and the average person
4. Be Picky - don't jump at the first gift horse or freebie - if it ain't quality let it pass - always maintain your standards
5. Be user-centric - if it ain't user friendly it ain't gettin' used
6. Be Self-Centered - produce / promote the thing that interests you most
7. Be Greedy - if you got something to sell than sell it
8. Be Tiny - hmm... read the original post on this one
9. Be Agile - role with the winds, if you must change a bit - do it - don't stay stagnant in the web game
10. Be Balanced - workaholics eventually crash and burn - enjoy the job but don't become it

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