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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Help, I've been Hacked!

I've always been fond of the movie Hackers, until recently when an entertaining film became a disturbing reality. Last week / early this week my mysql database was hacked. I logged on to my site as usual only to find my images switched to random urls outside my site, and text fields rearranged for somone one's disruptive amusement. To say the least I was pissed, but not broken! I've spent a good portion of my week looking up php-mysql security and php protected pages. I'm locking down my database for secure access only, which is a tedious task but as this recent event has shown, a much needed one. So the moral of my story is, if you are a php programmer with a few scripts on your site take the time to make sure there are no holes / security issues with your web applications. I used to think 'no body is gonna hack my site', but how the simple have fallen. Be safe and think ahead.

Hack-Proof Newbie

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