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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Create Your Own African American Weather Pixie

The WeatherPixie is a little graphic that shows a representation of the weather using data reported (mostly) by airports and aerodromes around the world.

As the weather in a particular location changes, the characters clothes will reflect the weather and the graphic will show rain, snow, airborne particles and changes in cloud cover. Daylight, sunset and current moon phase are also displayed.

To find your local Weatherpixie, you can use the search page or the map or the text based directory.

Official Site:

Keywords: black avatars, animated gifs

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Real Black Clipart

Real Black Clipart is a new blog, featuring the African American Clipart resources online. Recent Clipart posts include:

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Official Url: Real Black Clipart

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Internet Howto Books: From Web Design to SEO to Online Promotion

Looking for an Internet Howto Book? Here is a list of some of the most popular web topics in books today. Click on a topic and find the book you've been looking for.

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PHP XML Search Engine Optimization

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Cascading Style Sheets

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Macromedia Flash
Adobe Photoshop

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What People Search For?

I found this great article on what people search for "The Most Popular Keywords" It explains what resources webmasters can use to find out the most frequently searched keywords online. I got back to the article all the time, it's very helpful.

Click here to read: What People Search For - Most Popular Keywords

What is your link popularity?

A message from Search Bliss: Link popularity is one of the best ways to quantifiably check and independently measure your website's online awareness. Use this link popularity tool to check your site's overall visibility. Click Here for link popularity tool.

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