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Friday, December 02, 2005

10 Rules for Web Startups

Summary of a great post: 10 Rules for Web Startups

1. Be Narrow- keep you content niche specific - dont try to conquer the world
2. Be Different - duh!
3. Be Casual - lots of people are loggin on nowadays - create content that appeals to day to day activties and the average person
4. Be Picky - don't jump at the first gift horse or freebie - if it ain't quality let it pass - always maintain your standards
5. Be user-centric - if it ain't user friendly it ain't gettin' used
6. Be Self-Centered - produce / promote the thing that interests you most
7. Be Greedy - if you got something to sell than sell it
8. Be Tiny - hmm... read the original post on this one
9. Be Agile - role with the winds, if you must change a bit - do it - don't stay stagnant in the web game
10. Be Balanced - workaholics eventually crash and burn - enjoy the job but don't become it

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